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Deltronic Cylindrical Plug Gages

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Deltronic X Class Gage

Deltronic class "X" plug gages are available for 10,081 Inch Sizes, in every .0001" Step, from .0040" through 1.0120". There are also 10,241 Metric Sizes available, in every .0025 mm Step, from 0.1 through 25.70mm.

Individual gages are packaged in plastic hinge lid boxes. Each gage box comes with a "Certificate of Accuracy," and a protective foam pad. Gage sizes are marked on end of each box to the 4th decimal, ending in 00, 25, 50, or 75.

Same day shipments are available on most orders.

Gage Sets

The Deltronic Class "X" Gage Set is a unique combination of plug gages that has become a basic measuring tool (along with gage blocks, micrometers and indicators) for the metalworking industry.

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Deltronic AGD Handles

Deltronic AGD Handles

AGD 2-End Handles
Inch, or Gold Metric
Price of handle includes 2 bushings. Please specify sizes as bushings have limited range.

To Order Handles specify
  1. Two Bushing Numbers for each handle (according to size of each gage.)
  2. Handle Number (2W, 4W, etc.)
Handle Marking: $1.70 extra per handle for up to 3 flats-GO Size, NO-GO Size, or your Gage Control Code (up to 12 digits).
($1.70 more for any additional copy.)
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