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Deltronic Plug Gages

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Deltronic Cylindrical Plug Gages

Cylindricals with actual size certified to within 2 1/2 millionth (0.000,002,5")

The Deltronic Metrology laboratory now offers low cost master cylindrical standards with "known-size" diameters, as calibrated to the nearest five millionths (0.000,005"), and roundness charted to the nearest millionth (0.000,001").

Any 0.0001" step size from Deltronic's gage stocks (range; 0.0070" to 1.0120") is available with calibration.

Each Known-Size Master is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration showing the exact size near each end of the gage, plus a roundness calibration (polar chart) shown to the millionth by the Taylor-Hobson Talyrond 265.  (This process uses permanent polar charts to record roundness of Deltronic cylindrical gages and thread and gear wires to a resolution of one millionth.  Similar machines are used by various government agencies, prime aerospace contractors and the finest metrology laboratories around the world.)

Known-Size gages can be used as setting masters to "zero" electronic comparators, supermikes, air gage rings, etc. (Example of use: A half-inch Known-Size Master is selected for setting a comparative instrument. Its calibration certificate shows the master's diameter to be 0.500,025". The electronic amplifier is set to zero plus 25 millionths, the actual size of the master, in order to read exactly zero when a part that is exactly a half-inch is measured on the comparator.)

Diameter calibrations are accompanied by the NIST number assigned to our National Institute of Standards and Technology calibrated master blocks.

For this Known-Size Masters service add just Twenty-Seven dollars ($27) to gage prices. (Shipment will be delayed one day.)
If you have priced setting masters, or even Class "XXX" gages, you can fully appreciate the savings in this price for Known-Size Deltronics.

Exclusive Patented Features
Deltronic has originated so many unique and valuable features in its plug gages that they were granted patent number 2,715,281 by the United States Patent Office!

Single Tolerance
Every Class "X" Deltronic gage is made to a single tolerance, plus 0.000,040", minus nothing, with Certification of Accuracy traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Size on Each Gage
This Self-identifying feature eliminates time spent in manually checking and re-checking gage sizes, reduces possibility of error.

Exclusive Relief "Handle"
Enables use without the encumbrance of handles for greater versatility of applications. May also be used with handles when desired.

Extra Length
Length varies with diameter from 1-7/8" to 3-1/2" to provide more useable gage surface.

Absolute Concentricity
This concentricity of ends, plus extra length, is invaluable for layout and hole spacing measurement.

Precision Lapped
Each gage is lapped to approximately one microinch finish that creates a mirror-like surface with additional resistance to wear.

Hardened & Cold Stabilized
Heat treated to a hardness of Rockwell "C" 62-64, and Cold Stabilized to minimize size and form variations throughout the exceptionally long life potential built into each Deltronic gage.

Tiny "X" Gages with Insul-Grip
The insulator grip supplied free with Deltronic gage sizes 0.0070" thru 0.0589" is an original Deltronic concept that provides new convenience in handling and control of small diameters.

The Insul-Grip prevents transfer of hand heat, acids and moisture in handling, and provides instant, size-marked identification.  It can be moved to any point on the gage or easily removed and replaced when using gear or thread wires or AGD handles.

Tiny 'X' gages maintain the same Deltronic plus 40 millionths, minus nothing tolerance and are precision lapped, hardened and cold stabilized, and extra long for more useable gage surface.
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