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Optical Comparators

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Deltronic DH216 Optical Comparitor

Deltronic DH216 Optical Comparator System

Standard Features DH216
• Fully usable 16” (405mm) viewing screen 
  with 0.05% edge-to-edge accuracy, 
  17.5” (445mm) glass screen.
• 10” X axis (254mm) and 6” 
  Y axis (15.2mm) stage travel.
• Heat-treated nickel plated stage surface.
• Screen-locking mechanism.
• Digital Electronic Screen Protractor (ESP) 
  with INC/ABS switchable displays 1’or .01°.
• Quick-change bayonet Lens Mount, 
  no calibration needed.
• Vertical screen for easy viewing.
• Rotating Chart Clip System mounted on screen.
• Quick-release X ...

Quadra Chek<sup>®</sup> 200 Digital Readouts

Heidenhain Metronics

HEIDENHAIN, formally Metronics, continues to develop, manufacture and market — on a global scale — the world-class metrology software and geometric digital readouts you rely on to deliver major productivity and accuracy gains to your quality assurance and measurement tasks.

The entire line of HEIDENHAIN QUADRA-CHEK products includes:
(past METRONICS model names in parentheses)

• ND 1100 (QC-100) – for simple positioning tasks
• ND 1200 (QC-200) – for 2-D geometries
• ND 1300 (QC-320) – for 2-D with video option
• ND 1400 (QC-330) – for manual 3-D measuring machines
• IK 5000 (QC-5000) – the universal PC package ...
CCP Optical Comparator (CC-20)

Certified Comparator Products

Our optical comparators combine rugged design, superb software, and cutting edge technologies to help you control the quality of your manufacturing. We also offer 3 levels of certified PreOwned optical comparators that are inspected and calibrated by A2LA accredited personnel.
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