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Surface, Form, and Roundness Machines

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Surface Roughness Measurement Machines

Enhances measurement efficiency by facilitating the measurement setup of multiple workpieces of the same type and of the hard-to-access sections of a workpiece
Roundtest RA-120/120P Roundness Measuring Instruments

Roundness Machines

The Roundtest RA-120 / 120P are compact, affordable, and simple-to-use device for measuring part geometry on the shop floor. It also provides such superb data analysis capabilities as requires with laboratory roundness measuring instruments and has a ±1000µm wide range detector and precision turn table with excellent rotation accuracy.

The RA-120 is a dedicated processor based model which controls all operations via the control panel incorperated in the main unit.

Contracer CV-3100 / CV-4100 Series 218  Contour Measuring Instrument

Form Measurement Machines

Surftest CV-3100 / CV-4100

The Surftest CV-3100 / CV-4100 offer dramatically increased drive speed (X axis: 80mm/s, Z2-axis: 20mm/s) further reducing total measurement time. In order to maintain the transverse linerity specification for and extended period of time, Mitutouo has adopted highly ridgid ceramic guides that combine the characteristics of smallest secular change and remarkable resistance to abrasion. With the support for a wide range of optional peripherals designed for use with the CNC models enables simplified CNC measurement. The drive unit (X-Axis) and column (Z2-axis) are equipped with a high accuracy linear encoders (ABS type on Z2 axis). This improves reproductibility of continuous automatic measurement ...
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