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Thread Plug Gages

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Taperlock Thread Ring and Plug Lock

Taperlock Thread Plug Gages

Taperlock Thread Plug gages provide a functional check of internal threads. They are made from an oil hardening tool steel in full conformance to ANSI B1.2 & B1.16M. Thread work plugs are taperlock design up to 1 1/2" (38.1mm). Sizes larger than 1 1/2" are trilock design. Chip grooves are provided on all GO work Plug members in sizes #10 and larger. Chip grooves, also called dirt grooves, are located at the entering end of the gage. They provide a means of cleaning the dirt and other debris from the internal product thread.
Truncated Thread Ring and Plug Lock

Truncated Set Plug Thread Gages

Truncated Setting Plug gages provide an accurate control in checking or setting thread ring gages. They are made from an oil hardening tool steel in full conformance to American Gage Design standards B47.1 and to ANSI B1.2 & B1.16M. They are held to Class "W" tolerances on lead, flank angles, and staitness (taper) and are available in Class "X" or "W" tolerance in pitch diameter. Truncated set plugs have a common pitch diameter the full thread length. The front, or truncated portion of the major diameter is truncated for one half the length. The rear portion, is full form. The ring gage is set first to the truncated portion noting the feel or fit. The ring is then advanced onto the full form portion. If the full form portion will ...
Reversible Thread Ring and Plug Lock

Reversible Thread Plug Gages

The design of the reversible thread plug permits the members to be reversed end for end, in the handle, resulting in double wear life. Chip grooves are standard on both ends of the GO member in sizes #10 and larger.
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