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RAM Optical Instrumentation Products

Precision metrology instrument providing excellent affordability with maximum capability to get fast results. Rock-solid, automatic measurement systems. Precisely made. Fully capable. High performance video measurement and - Touch Probe optional. Precision RAM Optical performance in a large capacity video measurement system.

Quality design.
Quality construction.
Quality performance.

Measure X™ metrology software has a full- featured user interface for RAM Optical Instrumentation (ROI ) Sprint™ MVP video measurement systems. Measure X makes it simple to measure parts and create part routines. Designed with an intuitive point & click functionality, Measure X can be used by inspectors with little or no training, yet is powerful enough to satisfy the demands of an engineer.
Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System

O.A.S.I.S (Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System)

The Oasis is a full-featured, non-contact video profile measurement and inspection system that allows users to measure multiple dimensions on a part simultaneously and instantly. The measurements show up in a familiar, easy-to-read drawing dimensioning format and are saved in the Oasis for inspection archival or for built-in quality control reporting.

The powerful software behind the scenes converts the captured image into real dimensional data that measures the part to an accuracy of 0.0002-inches!

The Oasis works by utilizing an LED light source to collimate precise rays through a series of specially designed diffusers and lenses that shine across the part to be inspected. That image is then captured by a very ...
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