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Item # eBx Metrology, Measure X Metrology Software for RAM Optical Instrumentation

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Full-featured CNC Measurement Software

         eBx™metrology software has a full- featured user interface for RAM Optical Instrumentation (ROI ) Sprint™ CNC video measurement systems. Measure X makes it simple to measure parts and create part routines. Designed with an intuitive point & click functionality, Measure X can be used by inspectors with little or no training, yet is powerful enough to satisfy the demands of an engineer.

         The easy to use interface offers a highly productive metrology work environment. The oversized, synchronized Image, Model, Program List, and Print Data windows simplify operation and increase productivity.

         The on screen display has a large Image window, with real-time video display. A large color-coded Model window with a CAD-like image is synchronized with the Program Editor and Print Data window.All interactive windows are viewable at one time, eliminating window toggling, tabbing, and minimizing. With a few simple clicks, feature measurement and part construction can be performed. Custom tools eliminate tedious steps when measuring parts with irregular edges & contours.

         Measure X displays measured results during the inspection process in the Print Data window. This window allows step verification while data is collected during the creation and editing of a step in a measurement routine. The measurement results are highlighted with their associated step, eliminating scanning through raw data by eye. Part result data can be saved to a file, exported to any standard database, or printed.

         Motion control for stage positioning in the X, Y, and Z axes can be mouse-controlled, similar tousing the standard system joystick. Measure X integrates easily with optional software specifically designed to enhance your data analysis — custom reports, statistical analysis, and fitting measurement data to CAD files.

  • eBx™metrology software for motorized Sprint™ 3D CNC systems
  • Three user interfaces. Supports single & dual monitor operation
  • Three axis measurement capability
  • Touch screen capability
  • Interactive editing tools for quick program changes
  • High level image processing capability
  • Edge Trace
  • Autofocus
  • Centroid
  • ® Renishaw touch probe capable
  • Calibration routines
  • Y14.5 compliant measurement

  • Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

    Monitor Option Highlights  · Additional Software Features  · Optional Software

    Monitor Option Highlights
    Classic User Interface
         The Classic user interface continues the layout of the popular Basic-X software.

    Single Monitor User Interface (SMUI)
         This interface displays all windows on a single monitor in one view.

    Dual Monitor User Interface (DMUI)
         The Image window is displayed on the left monitor, and the Model window on the right monitor with the appropriate tools and icons on each monitor.

    Additional Software Features
    Standard automatic calibration routines allow the user to recalibrate the system at their discretion.
  • Lights calibration enables the end user to calibrate lights across multiple machines enabling seamless program transfer
  • Optics calibration linearizes the field at each zoom position, minimizes field errors in the optical path, and sets the correct light level
  • Touch probe and change rack calibration ensures the Renishaw components and all probe tips will measure correctly when called upon
  • Sensor alignment ensures that all sensors are calibrated to the same system centerline to enable the user to switch sensors in a part routine without the need to reset the part datums.

    The system configuration editor allows the user to change the system startup sequence and allows manipulation of system performance
  • Stage speed can be modified
  • Joystick deflection vs. stage direction can be reversed
  • Sensitivity of the mouse or trackball can be modified
  • Icons and menus can be reconfigured
  • Operator preferences can be modified

  • Optional Software
    MeasureFit Plus — fully automated fitting analysis with complete GD&T capability to multiple datums

    ® SmartReport Plus — provide data collection and automatic configurable report generation

    ® SmartCAD — create measurement routines from CAD files

    QC Calc™ — fully automated Statistical Process Control (SPC) with realtime plotting capability


    ·  RAM Optical eBx Metrology Software Dual Monitor Mode

    ·  RAM Optical eBx Metrology Software Dual Monitor User Interface

    ·  RAM Optical eBx Metrology Software Single Monitor User Interface


    MeasureX Software
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