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Item # StarLite GX, Starlight GX RAM Optical Instrumentation

Compact-Precision measurement station

Precision metrology instrument providing excellent affordability with maximum capability to get fast results.

  • Solid, cast aluminum base and column with precision stages
  • 6 x 3 x 5 inches XYZ travel
  • Precision adjustment knobs for positioning & focus
  • X, Y & Z axis measurement
  • 0.00004" (1pm) scale on the X,Y & Z axes
  • Accurate dimensional measurement to better than 0.0002 inches
Optics & Illumination
  • High resolution color camera and motorized zoom optics provide a crystal clear image
  • Magnification ranges from 34X to 176X
  • LED ring light and back light, and optional square-on coaxial illumination
  • ROI eGX™ metrology software for manual systems
  • Advanced image processing capability with automatic edge trace and multiple field of view tools
  • Powerful editing tools for quick program changes
  • Single or dual monitor operation
  • Y14.5 compliant measurement software for manual or operator assisted measurement
StarLite GX- Ergonomic Controls at Your Fingertips

The StarLite™ GX is a measurement system designed for ease of use, with innovative full-featured metrology software.
The robust design guarantees accurate results for even the most demanding metrology applications. The high resolution color camera, superior optics and advanced software deliver the performance you have been looking for in a tabletop system.

Intuitive Metrology Software
eGX metrology software provides a full feature set of functions for general purpose dimensional measurement, with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Measure features of interest or create complete inspection programs. eGX guides users through measurement routines with innovative graphical icons and symbols. Unique tools like Compufocus™ ensure accurate, repeatable Z axis measurement by any user.

Measurement Capability
StarLite GX substantially increases your inspection measurement productivity. Front panel illumination and magnification controls optimize lighting and image size. Full-featured measurement software guarantees you have the tools needed to measure the most difficult workpiece.

Precision Zoom Optics
The motorized 6.5 to 1 zoom lens has superb image quality. The optional front-panel rocker switch makes magnification changes easy. The magnification range is 34X-176X, and in excess of 600X with the optional Optical Accessory Kit.

Precision Staging
Proven mechanical bearing XYZ stages with ergonomic controls simplify part positioning and focusing. Precise 0.00004 inch scales in the X, Y and Z axes, ensure accurate and repeatable measurements.

LED Illumination
StarLite GX includes the patented VectorLight™ ring light, with its concentric rings of pure white light LEDs for clear illumination. The LED back light ensures maximum edge detection for all your application needs. Coaxial (square-on) illumination is also available as an option.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both


XYZ Travel

6 x 3 x 5 in
150 x 75 x 125

Approx. Weight

27 kg

Platform Dimensions (XYZ)

17.77 x 21.75 x 30 in
451 x 522 x 762

Stage Features

Mechanical bearings, Coarse/Fine XY adjust, Front base mounted Z adjust


High resolution color camera


White LED back light
White LED VectorLight ring light

Optional Illuminator

LED surface illuminator with front panel controls

Zoom Lens

6.5:1 motorized

Working Distance

2.75 in

Magnification on 20" LCD Monitor

34X to 176X

Field of View (FOV)

0.070 to 0.35 in
1.8 to 8.9

Optional Add-on Lenses




Scale Resolution (XYZ)

0.00004 in

Load Capacity

7 kg


Minimum Pentium® IV with Microsoft Windows™ XP

Optional Controls

Front panel with motorized zoom control, XYZ zero set, Enter point button, Skew alignment, Inch/millimeter switchable

Optional Accessories

Dust Cover
Foot Switch

NIST Traceable Linear Scale

Optical Accessory Kit Manual Indexer

Standard Measurement Software

eGX metrology software

Optional Software Packages

MeasureFit® Plus
SmartReport® Plus

Safe Operating Temperature

5 - 40 ºC
41 - 104

Machine Specifications Temperature

20 ± 1 ºC
68 ± 2

Power Requirements

100-240 VAC±5%, 50/60 Hz, 1Ø, 300 W

XY Linear Accuracy Performance1

E2= (200 + 10 L) µinch

Z Linear Accuracy Performance2

E2= (280 + 8 L) µinch
1 Where 'L' is travel in inches. 1 µinch= 0.000001 inches. Applies to thermally stable system in rated environment, maximum zoom lens setting, and evenly distributed 10 lb load.
2 Where 'L' is travel in inches. 1 µinch= 0.000001 inches. Applies to thermally stable system in rated environment, maximum zoom lens setting, and evenly distributed 10 lb load.

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