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 All Categories    EMZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscope Bodies
All Categories > Microscopes > Stereo Zoom Microscopes > EMZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscope Bodies > Item # Meiji EMZ-5 Zoom Stereo Body  
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Item # Meiji EMZ-5 Zoom Stereo Body, EMZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscope Bodies

  • Crisp, high resolution, precision optics provide an excellent, erect, unreversed stereoscopic image.
  • Rugged all metal body designed to last a lifetime.
  • Economically positioned bilateral zoom controls.
  • Binocular eyetubes inclined at 45 for fatigue free viewing.
  • Offers a field of view from 32mm - 5.1mm (With 10X eyepieces).
  • Dual dioptric adjustment (± 5 diopters) allows the specimen to remain in focus throughout the entire zoom magnification range.
  • Binocular body can be rotated a full 360º and locked in any position.
  • 2.1X - 270X Extend working distances and 34mm - 251mm (With supplemental objectives and eyepieces).

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both


Standard Working Distance

93 mm

Working Distance with Optional Lenses

34-251 mm

Zoom Body1


Zoom Range

0.7x to 45x

Zoom Ratio


Interpupillary Distance

54-75 mm

Total Magnification Range
Available w/ Aux. Lenses

1 Trinocular zoom body for use in photographic and video applications.
When the beamsplitter is engaged 100% of the light from the left optical
path is directed to the phototube. The image can still be viewed through
the right eyetube.

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